A modern take on U.S. currency

The current design of our currency in America, is not something I dwell upon often. It just is. Yes we got pretty excited when the U.S. Mint started adding color. But the designs have still pretty much stayed the same since 1929. So why doesn’t our money embody the same progress and drive we embody. That is why artist and designer Travis Purrington set out to redesign our money for the modern age. His goal was to remove elements that “codifying myth or legend”  and instead replace them with attributes that contribute to the “principles we end up seeing as valuable.”  The end result is a beautifully modern and subtle take on our nations currency. Dripping in Swiss design and beautiful topography. All the bills contain the following two phrases “This currency is upheld by the integrity of its people,” and “Uires Alit,” which means “strength feeds” in Latin.